Common mistakes that intermediate-upper intermiediate students make (B1)

  • The Adjectives have no plural form in English. In Spanish you way “los libros rojos” but in English you must say “The red books”.
  • Some verbs are followed by the gerund or infinitive. For example: “I like dance” is incorrect because like is commonly followed by the gerund, so you should say “I like dancing” or “I hate dancing”.
  • Some students forget to write “to”. Want is followed by the infinitive. For example: I want to go to the beach. And NOT: I want go to the beach.
  • Subject/ Verbs/ Object – Do not forget to write the subject and do not repeat it. For example: The house is green. In Spanish sometimes you do not write the subject for example: “Me gusta la película porque habla de amor”, but in English you need to say: “I like the movie because it talks about love”. Not: “I like the movie because talks about love”.
  • Its vs It’s (different words) Its is a possessive pronoun. For example: The boy has a pet. His pet is a dog. It’s = It is. For example: It’s rainy today.
  • Children is a plural noun. For example: The children are playing. NOT: The childrens are playing. Use a/ an + singular nouns. For example: A book (“un libro”). NOT: a books (un libros). Singular and plural (countable and uncountable) example: children, a sports
  • These vs this. These = plural. For example: These books. This = singular. For example: This book.
  • Thing vs think. Think is a verb, the past is thought. Thing is a noun. Think = “pensar”. Thing = “cosa”.


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